Achiever Food Starter Pack of 3kg


Achiever Food Starter Pack of 3kg

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Scoobee’s USB is its dog food product Achiever.Achiever dog food is specially Formulated keeping in mind the nutritional needs of your dog. Good nutrition keeps at bay nasty health problems keeping your best freind healthy.

INGREDIENTS: Achiever dog food supplements your dog’s daily nutritional needs as it is rich in cereals like rice, wheat, corn, chicken meat, eggs, soya meal, protein hydrolysates, vegetable oils, iodized salt, essentials, amurio-acids like lysin and methionine, vitamins, minerals, permitted preservatives and flavours.

NUTRITIONAL ANALYSIS: Crude Protein 22%(min.), Fat 8%( min.),Fibre 4% (max.),Calcium 1.1%, Phosphorus 0.8%, and Metabolizable Energy 3400 kcal/kg.

BENEFITS: Achiever Dog Food is for dogs of all breeds and sizes. A food that ensures healthy canines, joints, digestive system and a healthier looking dog in a few days after its usage, Healthy Shining Skin and Better teeth and Gums Health. Nutritionally balanced food to avoid obesity, hip dysplacia and nutritional deficiency diseases. Contains l- canitine a natural fat burner to maintain healthy body weight.Glucosamine and choindrotin sulphate to support healthy joint movements. Weighing a dog at monthly interval is necessary to monitor its actual food requirements, otherwise the dogs become obese.


During Pregnancy (6th  to 9th wk.)          230 – 420 gms/day

During Lactation                                    90 – 225  gms/day

Also Available in Pack of 10 K.G & Pack of 15 K.G.