Nutritional Supra Dog Food – 500 grams


Nutritional Supra Dog Food – 500 grams

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Supra Boosts is Exclusively Formulated For Pets with High Palatability it imporves daily food intake and its digestion by encouraging growth of beneficial microflora in the gut. It supplements nutrients for better growth of pups supports better reproduction and health of pregnant/ lactating bitch. Keeps Strong bones and teeth, health skin and shining coat. Boosts imunity and prevents the deficiency diseases like anemia.

Nutritional Analysis: Crude Protein 24%, Fats/Oils 7%, Carbohydrates 50%, Metabolizable Energy 3500 kcals/kg. Ingredients: Supra Boosts is enriched with live yeast culture, enzymes and probiotics, it contains milk powder, egg powder, wheat flour, di calcium phophate, hydrolyzed proteins, fish meal, extruded soyabean, vegetable oils and muton fat, vitamins and chelated minerals are also added.

Key features:

Improves Appetite & Digestion for better growth.
For Healthy skin and Hair coat.
For Strong Bones and teeth.
Boosts Immunity & Regulates Body Fluid.

Also Available in 250 Grams